Rebecca Rohman Next Release – Love M.D.

Love M.D. Banner 2
Look out for info on my next book Love M.D. due to be released in February 2015, the blurb and a few teasers are available on my new Facebook Page Love M.D. page, please check it out.

Love M.D. by Rebecca Rohman

Tainted by a rough childhood and a bad marriage, interior designer, Love M.D. Teaser 1Zoë Jenkins has sworn off
people—especially men. She depends on no one but her twin brother Zach. When Dr. Morgan Drake walks into her life, al
though she can’t deny the attraction and his incredible charm, he’s on her mental list of everything she needs to avoid.

Dr. Morgan Drake is nearing the end of a nasty divorce. Even he is surprised at the attraction he has to Zoë, but she constantly reminds him that there will never be anything between them. After enduring 12 years of medical school, he’s not about to give up so quickly, that didn’t faze him and neither will this. He sets out to woo the pants off Zoë Jenkins and eventually succeeds.Love M.D. Teaser 2

When yet another tragic and life-threating event reveals itself in Zoë’s life, she’ll soon realize that the man she’s falling for is a BIG part of the problem, and he betrayed her in the worst possible way. As she looks for answers, and tries to search through a tangled web of lies and deceit, she will soon discover that things aren’t always what they seem, and Morgan is the only one that can help her.


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